Taiwan’s Telecom leader opts for a data-driven strategy supported by Enterprise Big Data Professional Training and Certification

Chunghwa Telecom implements its data-driven strategy with Enterprise Big Data Framework

As a leading enterprise in Taiwan’s telecom industry, and with a data-driven strategy, Chunghwa Telecom recently chose Enterprise Big Data Framework’s training and certification as the methodology for its own practices. It began training its employees through the Chunghwa Telecom College.

Consolidating skills for organisational success

Enterprise Big Data Framework is a big data practice methodology emerging from Europe and seeing global adoption. With a vendor-neutral approach, it is one of the few methodologies in the world that can be applied to an enterprise. Relevant to anyone involved in data, from data analysts and data scientists to data engineers, the training benefits all data-focused roles. The value of an enterprise’s data cannot be achieved by relying on IT technology alone. It needs full organisational data capabilities in order to succeed. The Enterprise Big Data Framework is a well-suited methodology for building this capability.

Mr Lee, Director of Chunghwa Telecom College identifies the challenge;.”We have no shortage of engineers, but we do have a shortage of ways to combine the engineering skills and leverage them,”

Director Lee believes that the Enterprise Big Data Framework provides a best practice in data management which is the basis of Artificial Intelligence. The advantage of the Big Data Framework is that it is simple and easy to learn.  This has supported the rapid adoption required by Chunghwa Telecom employees, who are finding it easy to apply their newfound knowledge and skills in practice.

Enterprise Big Data Professional Training and Certification

The first official training course for Chunghwa Telecom was delivered at the end of March by APMG Accredited Training Organisation (ATO) SongHao Asset Management (International) Co Ltd., based in Taiwan. Mr. Wu’s course delivery was praised by all the candidates. The post-class satisfaction assessment result was: course: 99.2%, lecturer: 99.5%, venue: 100%.

Adoption of a data-driven culture

Chunghwa Telecom College plans to roll out further training for their employees, giving them the opportunity to earn a valuable, professional Enterprise Big Data certification. Their mission is to adopt a data-focused culture, implementing the Enterprise Big Data Framework approach in order to achieve their vision of becoming a data-driven enterprise – worthy of the title of leader in Taiwan’s telecom industry.