The Big Data Framework education and certification scheme is a vendor-neutral program dedicated to best practices in enterprise analytics, machine learning and big data. The program consists of five certifications for different specializations, and discusses fundamental knowledge, concepts and techniques of big data environments. The comprehensive curriculum enables professionals to obtain real-world proficiency in Big Data standards and its ability to disrupt the world.

The Big Data Framework consists of 5 specific certifications for various job roles, starting at entry level with Enterprise Big Data Professional and moving into the intermediate level of Enterprise Big Data Analyst and Enterprise Big Data Scientist, ending with the expert-level certification Enterprise Big Data Engineer and Enterprise Big Data Architect.

Enterprise Big Data Professional

The EBDP certification provides delegates with a strong foundation of the fundamental concepts and theories of Big Data. The curriculum of this course focuses on the six core modules of the Big Data Framework and discusses fundamental theories in statistics and machine learning. This certification is a pre-requisite for all of the other courses.

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Enterprise Big Data Analyst

The EBDA certification is aimed at Data Analyst and provides in-depth theory and practical guidance to deduce value out of Big Data sets. The curriculum segments between different kinds of Big Data problems and its corresponding solutions. This course will teach participants how to autonomously find valuable insights in large data sets in order to realize business benefits.

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Enterprise Big Data Scientist

The EBDS certification is aimed at Data Scientist and offers advanced guidance on the design and development of core algorithms that are used in Big Data and machine learning. The course discusses different types of algorithms and how data scientists can apply them to solve enterprise problems.

Enterprise Big Data Engineer

The EBDE certification is aimed at everyone that is involved with designing and maintaining the underlying IT infrastructure of Big Data environment. This course takes an in-depth look at the required infrastructure and applications that are necessary to operate an effective Big Data operation. The course will discuss Big Data architecture, storage and processing considerations and mechanisms.