Big Data Framework White Paper

An introduction to the benefits and capabilities of the Big Data Framework

Many words have been written about quick growth of data in enterprises and the value that can be obtained by analysing Big Data. Commonly cited benefits are:Increased speed-to-market, Better cost control and Enhanced personalisation of marketing campaigns.

Although many enterprises see the value of Big Data –most have already started with initial projects as an extension of Business Intelligence efforts –many organisations struggle to realise a positive return on investment on Big Data initiatives.

Most enterprises have now realised that ‘Big Data’ is not just a project or department that can be managed by (a part of) the IT department. In order to obtain long-term value from Big Data, there is more required than hiring smart data scientists and acquiring a Big Data technology stack. Rather, data-driven thinking and data-driven decision making should become part of the organisation’s DNA. This is easier said than done. In a sense, transformation towards a Data Driven Enterprise can be regarded as an organisational change program. It requires a different way of thinking, in which all parts of the organization (from strategy to culture) play a vital role. Because of this requirement, the Big Data Framework was created.

There is more required than hiring smart data scientists and acquiring a Big Data technology stack.

The Big Data Framework is a structured approach that considers six core capabilities that enterprises need to consider to obtain long-lasting value from Big Data. Rooted in the scientific domain, the Big Data Framework provides fundamental knowledge and insights in the core components of Big Data. The topics of the framework range from the technical components of setting up a Big Data architecture towards the soft skills required to set up a Big Data centre of excellence. By taking a capabilities approach, enterprises can grow their competencies over time, firmly embedding the practice of Big Data into the enterprise.

In this white paper, an overview is provided of the benefits of a framework approach towards Big Data. Subsequently, an introductory overview is provided of the six core capabilities of the Big Data Framework.

Benefits of a Framework Approach for Big Data

Frameworks provide structure. The core objective of the Big Data Framework is to provide a structure for enterprise organisations that aim to benefit from the potential of Big Data. In order to achieve long-term success, Big Data is more than just the combination of skilled people and technology -it requires structure and capabilities.

The Big Data Framework was developed because although the benefits and business cases of Big Data are apparent -many organisations struggle to embed a successful Big Data practice in their organization. The structure provided by the Big Data Framework provides an approach for organisations which takes into account all the organisational capabilities of successful Big Data practice.

The main benefits of applying a Big Data framework include:

  • Provision of a structure for organisations that want to start with Big Data or aim to develop their Big Data capabilities further.
  • Inclusion of all organisational aspects that should be considered in a Big Data organization.
  • Neutrality. The Big Data Framework is vendor-independent, it can be applied to any organization regardless of their choice of technology, specialisation or tools.
  • A common reference model that can be used across departmental functions or country boundaries.
  • Identification of core and measurable capabilities in each of its six domains so that the organization can develop over time.

Big Data is a people business. Even with the most advanced computers and processors in the world, organisations cannot grow successfully without appropriate knowledge and skills. The Big Data Framework aims to increase the knowledge of everyone who is interested in Big Data. The modular approach and accompanying certification scheme develops knowledge about Big Data in a similar, structured fashion.

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