Asia University Taiwan Students Achieves High Scores In The Enterprise Big Data Professional Certification.

Bonn, Germany, January 3, 2023 – Four graduates from the Faculty of Management of Asia University Taiwan successfully obtained the Enterprise Big Data Professional certification. In conjunction with a program organised by the Ministry of Labour Taiwan and the Department of Accounting and Informatics at Asia University Taiwan, with the aim to help students understand future industries and jobs.

In the programme, the faculty of the Accounting and Information Department of Asia University provided students with a complete study plan and related courses to prepare them for the future workforce. In the realm of big data trends, it is insufficient to equip knowledge in Information Technology. Organisations today realise that in order to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and create greater returns, the value of data can only be realised with a proper framework in place. Enterprise Big Data Framework is currently the world’s first and only framework that focuses on how enterprises can realise the value of data.

Mr Chieh Wu, Enterprise Big Data Framework Alliance Ambassador and lecturer of SongHao Asset Management was invited to conduct a lecture on the importance of big data framework in organisations. With the guidance of Mr Chieh Wu, the support of the teachers in the department and the efforts of the students, the students sat for the exams on 23rd of December 2022 and passed the certification examination with high scores and achieved a permanent accreditation by APMG International, valid worldwide.

Since its establishment, the Enterprise Big Data Framework has gained a strong foundation in Taiwan. Currently, in Taiwan, industries including telecommunications, finance, manufacturing, and information services have included the Enterprise Big Data Framework certification as part of their upskilling programme. At the same time, some large enterprises have designated this course and certification as a required course for employees for data-driven strategies within the enterprise.

With the achievement of the four recent graduates of the Department of Accounting and Information of Asia University which directly proves that they are industry ready and that their capability has met the internal requirements of these companies, compared with other peers of the same age, and even their predecessors in the same industry.

In organisations today, almost every employee is required to upskill their knowledge to stay competitive as a digitally driven organisation. The Enterprise Big Data Professional certification was curated for all.  The achievement of the students from the faculty of management of Asia University Taiwan proves that no prerequisite in terms of technical knowledge is required to successfully complete the professional certification. These students are now able to implement a proper framework in enterprises to gain better value of data. The Enterprise Big Data Framework Alliance would like to congratulate Asia University Taiwan and its students.

Jan-Willem Middelburg,
Author and Chief Examiner, Enterprise Big Data Framework.


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