[Bonn, Germany, 4th January 2024] – In a significant achievement, students from the Accounting and Information Department of Asia University, Taiwan have successfully passed the Enterprise Big Data Professional examination, affirming their adeptness in harnessing the true potential of data. This marks the second consecutive participation by Asia University students in the certification program, maintaining an impressive high passing rate. The Enterprise Big Data Framework Alliance extends heartfelt congratulations to the students on this commendable accomplishment.

In today’s dynamic business landscape, proficiency in data capabilities has evolved into a fundamental aspect of literacy. Contrary to the misconception that it is solely a professional skill within the realm of information technologies, the success of Asia University students underscores the broader applicability of data capabilities, playing a pivotal role in driving value across various industries. Asia University’s strategic focus on nurturing data capabilities from the early stages of student development has now been validated through the outstanding performance of its students in the certification examination.

Jan-Willem Middelburg, President of the Enterprise Big Data Framework Alliance, remarked,

” Competitiveness in today’s business landscape is increasingly derived from data rather than just information technology skills. The story of Asia University reinforces the notion that leveraging the Enterprise Big Data Framework can commence early in one’s educational journey, resulting in superior capabilities compared to peers. These students have not only met but surpassed enterprise requirements in terms of employment preparation and ability.”

The Enterprise Big Data Framework certifications, administered by the Enterprise Big Data Framework Alliance and accredited by APMG International, represent a series of professional certifications for individuals keen on enhancing their skills in enterprise big data. In Taiwan, Song Hao Asset Management serves as the accredited training organization for Enterprise Big Data Framework certifications. The Department of Accounting and Information at Asia University, supported by the Taiwan Ministry of Labor’s employment program, introduces relevant courses and knowledge in alignment with the Enterprise Big Data Framework.

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The Enterprise Big Data Framework Alliance congratulates the students and wishes them continued success on their data journey.

For more information about the Enterprise Big Data Framework Certifications, please contact info@bigdataframework.org